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  Q. What Most Banks Donít Want You To Know?
  A. Is How Much Youíre REALLY Paying For Your Real Estate Loan.

Every day, banks use your money to make themselves LOTS of money by employing elegantly simple and 100% legal money management plans that they don't want you to know about.

With the average 30-year mortgage you end up paying almost THREE TIMES THE AMOUNT THAT YOU BORROWED. Three times the amount! What's worse, it will take all of 23 years for you to simply pay off HALF of what you borrowed.

Lots of people move to a new home on average of every five to seven years. If you're one of these people then a whopping 91% of your mortgage payment goes to interest. That means that even if you stay put and pay every month for 10 years, you'll only have paid off 10% of the principal.

MaxMyEquity Blows Away The Very Rules Of A Conventional Mortgage That Are Designed To Actually Keep You In Debt!

MaxMyEquity Turns The Mortgage Model Upside Down.

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